Advanced Treatment Centers is proud to be the first program for substance use disorders to partner with the Heart Based Institute and to incorporate the many aspects of Heart Based Therapeutics.

Overview of Heart Based Therapeutics®

The origins of Heart Based Therapeutics (HBT) are multi-cultural and date back thousands of years. Most cultures have historical context indicating the importance of following our heart, listening to our heart, speaking from our heart, or knowing the truth in the core of our heart. These phrases have survived the test of time because they ring true to the deepest part of our authentic selves. The core tenet of Heart Based Therapeutics is that our deepest knowing, our deepest connections, and our deepest, most fulfilling experiences in life are accessed through our spiritual heart. Despite this innate and pervasive knowledge about the importance of our heart, most personal growth approaches emphasize that the key to the growth process is through the doorway of the mind.

The primary goal of Heart Based Therapeutics is to facilitate positive change through an experiential process that engages participants in an exploration of meaning, authenticity, relationships, gratitude, happiness, fulfillment, and personal and spiritual growth. The positive change from the Heart Based Therapeutic process begins with a systematic approach to learning to relax and easily and effortlessly enjoy the positive feelings of the heart. This provides a foundation, allowing the heart and mind to come into alignment: a state which in turn is utilized for healing the patterns of emotional reactivity, unresolved issues and trauma.

Applications in Treatment

As we continue to expand our HBT offerings, we cultivate an environment for our staff and clients that helps to accelerate healing on a deeper level for many people.  These techniques are not just for direct application, but also for the group as a whole, and is a foundation for any method of therapy from which to be delivered.